• §273.112 An Indian student is eligible for benefits provided by a Johnson O'Malley contract if the student is: 

    • From age three (3) years through grade(s) twelve (12);
    • Not enrolled in a Bureau-funded school or sectarian school (except the student is eligible if enrolled in a previously private school controlled by an Indian Tribe or Tribal organization); and 
    • Is either: 
      -At least one-fourth (1⁄4) degree Indian blood descendant of a member of an Indian Tribe as defined in §273.106*;
      -A member of an Indian Tribe as defined in §273.106*. 

    Indigenous Parent Committee Meetings 

    The purpose of the CGESD Indigenous Parent Committee to assist the Casa Grande Elementary School District in bringing about the most effective Indian Education Program possible. To achieve this purpose, the IEC shall provide advice and assistance to the CGESD in developing, operating, and evaluating the JOM program. 

    The following are eligible to elect, serve, and vote on the IEC. 

    1. Parents and/or guardians of Indian children who will participate in the proposed project.
    2. Teachers, including guidance counselors, except members of the project staff and other personnel paid by the project. 

    How to get involved: Come to our JOM meetings. Each meeting begins with an introduction and welcome from committee members and school staff. Important updates, announcements, and other reminders are presented. Votes, budget approvals, event planning, and more are discussed as needed. All parents and current CGESD American Indian/Alaska Native students in grades K-8 are encouraged to attend. We especially welcome CGESD teachers and staff. 

    The following dates are Indigenous Education Committee work dates. The Indigenous Education Committee will meet to share JOM training, discuss the overall operation and ongoing activities, and any proposals for extensions or changes in the project. 

    • December 1– IEC Meeting 1:30-2:30 pm Casa Grande Middle School Media Center 
    • January 5–IEC Meeting 1:30-2:30 pm Cottonwood Elementary School
    • May 10–IEC Meeting 1:30-2:30 Palo Verde Elementary School 

    If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or other information you would like to share at our parent meetings, please contact Ramona Gonzales at ramona.gonzales@cgesd.org or 520-280-2064. If you have a very important concern that requires attention by other programs and district administration, Mrs. Gonzales can assist with scheduling a meeting separate from the Indigenous Parent Committee meeting. 

    Current Indigenous Committee Members 

    Committee Chairman: Joshua Albert -Shopishk, Az -Tohono O’odham Nation Committee Vice Chairman: Alyssa Dixon 

    Committee Secretary: Elisia Manuel 


    Current JOM Program benefits for students: 

    • Tutoring-monitoring students’ academic progress, communicating with teachers, counselors, and other school officials to ensure student success 
    • Student Mentor/Advisor to review grades and attendance, ensuring the safety and needs of students are being met 
    • Middle School Native American Club 
    • Approved Field Trip 
    • Summer School 
    • Support for extracurricular activities