• "We are all born makers. We move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands" - Brene Brown

    The Maker Movement

    The maker movement values human passion, capability, and the ability to make things happen and solve problems anywhere, anytime. Classrooms that celebrate the process of design and making, which includes overcoming challenges, produce students who start to believe they can solve any problem. www.iste.org

Maker Showcase Winners

  • May 3 Winners

    • Galilea Alvarez
    • Meraz & Ezayda Jimenez -  DW

    May 4 Winners

    • Gianni Valencia  -  DW
    • Zoey Tabeling - IW

    May 5 Winners

    • Cathal Pyle- DW WINGS - Mrs. Rosales
    • Emma Galbraith - DW  WINGS - Mrs. Rosales
    • Jeremy Thwaits - IW - Mrs. Phillips
    • Helen G., Eve J., and Alexis H. -  DW - Mrs. Renteria

    May 6 Winners

    • Sonnie Garza - Evergreen/CGOLA - Mrs. Armijio
    • Kash Pruett & Ayva Andujo - IW- Mrs. Pillips
    • Mr. Wilson's Class

    May 7 Winner

    • Zaeda DeWolf - IW- Mrs. Phillips
    • Dylan Kacvinsky - DW - Reneteria
    • Landon Heinonen- DW 4th WINGS - Mrs. Rosales

The Maker Movement & Launch Cycle

  • Thank you to the Walmart Distribution Center and Home Depot, as well as APS for their continued support.