Enrollment Management Plan

  • The Casa Grande Elementary School District works hard to ensure our students have the best learning experience possible. As part of our commitment to ensure a positive learning experience for our students, we periodically review demographic data about our area to ensure we are best prepared to serve our community.

    Given our recent data collection, our district has noticed some significant trends in enrollment that deserve our attention. As part of our efforts to promote an equitable distribution of resources to our schools and a continued commitment to transparency for our taxpayers, we began the steps to open up the dialogue with the community to discuss enrollment management and school boundaries.

    Through two town hall meetings and a state of the district address, we are doing our best to keep the community informed about our work and findings.

    A task force comprised of city government, business leaders, educators, and parents has been assembled to begin the strategic planning process. At any time you would like to learn more about this process and what has been done, you can access all the information and materials here as it pertains to enrollment management and school boundaries.

    Should you have any questions that are not answered in the provided information or would like to get involved in this process, please contact the District Office at (520)836-2111.




  • 2019 CGESD Town Hall Presentation
  • 2019 Town Hall Fact Sheet
  • State of our District

Meeting Summaries