• Due to the impact of COVID-19, our schools must modify operations to ensure the safety and security of our staff and students. In an effort to provide the best quality learning experience, our district has outlined the following start dates and times for students to return to in-person learning.

     We will phase in re-entry to in-person learning as follows:


      • Students attending center-based special education programming will return in-person beginning September 28. If your child is in this program, you should have received a letter about this from the Office of Learning Support.
      • K-1 students will return in-person beginning October 19.
      • Students in grades 2-8 will return in-person beginning October 26.
      • K-5 students will attend 5 days per week from approx. 8:00 - 1:45. Class sizes will not exceed 25.
      •  6-8 (middle school) students will attend on an A/B schedule with 2 days of in-person learning and 3 days of distance learning for the respective groups. Class sizes will not exceed 25.

          • The A group will attend on Monday and Thursday.

          • The B group will attend on Tuesday and Friday.
      • Middle School students will attend from 8:45 - 3:45.
      • Middle School students receiving special education services through a center-based program will attend M,T,Th & F.
      • All students will learn 5 days a week and for the number of instructional minutes required by law through a combination of both in-person and distance learning.
      • As required by state mandate and district policy, all students, staff, and visitors will wear a cloth face covering/mask each day.
      • CGESD will not return to in-person learning if the metrics indicate we are in ‘substantial community spread’.

    These days and hours are subject to change. Should you have any quesitons about school hours and scheduling, please contact your home school or email us at outreach@cgesd.org. Thank you.