• Rights, Protections, and Support Services Available To A Pupil Who Is A Victim of Bullying

    Students in the Casa Grande Elementary School District have a right to be educated in a positive, safe, caring, and respectful learning environment. Students in the District are expected to conduct themselves at all times so as to provide an atmosphere free from harassment, intimidation, or bullying. Bullying in any form will not be tolerated. The Arizona Legislature has established anti-bullying laws that require schools to address bullying, and these laws are enforced throughout the school district.

    The following are steps that students can do to stop bullying:

    LEARN HOW TO PREVENT BULLYING- In the Casa Grande Elementary School District, students learn about the types of bullying through the Stand Up, Speak Out program, which has been in place since 2008. This is a program that is in all of the District’s schools. Its purpose is to teach students what bullying is, and how to discourage and stop bullying. Through the program, students are able to learn that bullying can take three forms – social, emotional, and physical. Bullying often involves conduct that can cause a student to fear that they will be hurt, and can involve intimidation, name-calling, or threats. Harassment can even take place through email, texting, or social media, when a bully sends mean, hurtful, threatening, inappropriate, or scary messages or pictures. This is sometimes referred to as cyber-bullying.

    REPORT BULLYING- If someone is bullying you, ask the person to stop. If they do not, inform a teacher or other adult in the school. A student who is being bullied, or believes another student is being bullied, must report the situation to an adult in the school. You may report bullying by telling someone at first, but by the next day, you will also have to complete the school bullying report form and give that to an adult at school. Even if you have previously turned in a written report that you have been bullied, turn in a new report if the individual bullies you again.

    When a written complaint of bullying is received, the school is required to begin an investigation of the complaint as soon as possible and no later than two school days after the report is received. If an investigation shows that bullying has occurred, our staff is committed to taking prompt action to end the misconduct, administering discipline, taking steps to eliminate the hostile environment for the victim, and preventing bullying from happening again. When appropriate, these efforts can sometimes include discussions, counseling, or peer mediation under the supervision of an adult at the school for the students who are involved.

  • To download a bullying report form or to access the CGESD bullying policy, please click the links below.  Return all completed bullying report forms to your home school for review. The site principal and leadership team will work with you to resolve the matter. Please call (520) 836-2111 with any questions.