• The Speak Up CGESD tip reporting system is a confidential platform that aims to ensure safety and well-being in schools for both students and staff. It offers a secure way for students and parents to report any concerns, potential threats, or positive feedback to the school or district office. Additionally, it provides valuable information on various topics that could impact our schools, students, and staff.

    We are currently only piloting the tip reporting system for Palo Verde Elementary and Villago Middle School at this time. There will be a district wide launch for the remaining schools next year. If you would like to report information about other schools within our district, please reach out to their administration or office staff or email outreach@cgesd.org

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  • The Speak Up CGESD tip reporting system is only monitored during school hours, Monday - Thursday. If this is an emergency, please dial 911. Any concerns needing immediate attention after school hours should be reported to the Casa Grande police department or 988 to access crisis services. You can only report tips for Villago Middle School and Palo Verde Elementary at this time. Any other tips may not be recieved or responded to.

    *While your information is confidential, you may be contacted by a CGESD staff member for more information.

Only accepting tips for Villago & Palo Verde at this time