• Special Education includes an array of services for children with disabilities.  Placement in a special education program is made through a process of referral, screening, evaluation, and identification designed to identify all district children who could benefit from special instruction.

    The education of students with disabilities is a shared responsibility among regular and special education personnel. It is in the least restrictive environment and includes a continuum of alternative placements, which are considered prior to a placement in a more restrictive special education setting. Program guidelines support:

    1. Age appropriate placements.
    2. Placement at the home school or as close as possible.
    3. Heterogeneous grouping.
    4. Opportunities for interactions between students with and without disabilities in structured and informal ways.
    5. Instruction in integrated school and community environments.
    6. Use of an integrated consultative and direct therapy model.
    7. Promotion of active parent involvement.
    8. On-going professional development for paraprofessional and certified staff.